Live By The Sun Love By The Moon Metal Decor

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"Living by the sun" means a warm and comfortable life. The warmer you are, the happier you will be. Imagine a hot day as a very cold day. Maybe it means living generously and thinking with a warm heart. "Love by the moon" is easily understood wholeheartedly, in depth and as much as you can love. Imagine standing alone staring at the moon on a cold night. This is nice. Love of a beautiful soul. Live as never before.

  • Live: 27x14 cm / By: 16x13 cm / The: 23x14 cm / Sun: 24x15 cm / Love: 28x14 cm / By: 16x13 cm / The: 16x13 cm / Moon: 33x14 cm / 🌙 : 13x13 cm / 🌞 : 16x18 cm
  • Modern & Industrial Style
  • Matte Black Paint
  • 2 mm thick metal
  • Sticking endurance depends on the surface of walls, wall paintings and wallpapers. We do not recommend hanging the item above beds or cribs, just in case.
  • You can mount the product without damaging the wall thanks to the hanging strips behind
  • Easy to use, don’t need any nails or drilling the wall
  • You can combine the pieces as you like
  • The product is reusable
  • The product stands slightly away from the wall